Tips For Dealing With Senioritis

By Amber N. Anderson 

It’s officially ‘senior szn’ (season) for the class of 2019, while many of us are excited to embark on this new journey on the path to college. Majority of us are struggling with trying to overcome ‘Senioritis’.  Senioritis is best described as a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance. It’s often said that senioritis starts to take over seniors once the second semester starts and we have received college acceptances but, some students were already over high school from the first day they walked back into school. While many of us are suffering from this ‘itis’, we must remember to push through, here are a few tips for dealing with ‘Senioritis’. 

Tip #1: Keep Your Head in the Game. 
Yes, I understand it’s our last year and you’re completely over it but, keep in mind the harder you work the more college acceptances and scholarship dollars that will come your way. It’s the last quarter don’t give up, keep pushing we are almost there. I highly suggest creating a vision board setting goals for the year, hang it in your bedroom or maybe your bathroom so that you are reminded of your goals every day. That friendly reminder will motivate and push you to keep working towards getting into your dream school and reaching your goals. 

Tip #2: Stay Organized 
Senior year can be very overwhelming we have counselors in one ear and our parents in the other ear. The key to avoiding becoming so overwhelmed is by staying organized. Purchase a planner or use the calendar on your phone to maintain organization. When you find out deadlines for homework, projects, college applications, and scholarships write it down in your planner or put it in your calendar. If you prefer to write everything down here are a few stores that sell planners: Amazon, Target, OfficeMax/ Office Depot, or Walgreens. If you prefer to have everything on your phone I prefer downloading the apps google calendar or google task. 

Tip #3: Pace Yourself 
Take everything one day at a time, don’t rush the process. You don’t have to rush or try to complete everything all in one day. Take everything one day at a time, pick two or three days out the week where you strictly just focus on college applications and scholarships. Use the other days out the week to focus on yourself or any extracurriculars that you may be apart of. The more you pace yourself, the less stressful this process will be for you. 

Tip #4: Relax and Have Fun 
It’s your last year of high school have fun, attend the homecoming dance, go to all the sporting events, or join the school club you always wanted to join. Having fun will help take your mind off all of the stress. Besides having fun make sure that you are taking care of yourself.  Sometimes we tend to go through senior year with the mindset of, 'Go hard or go home’, but sometimes we all need a break. Take a mental health day if you have to, stay at home relax, binge-watch a Netflix series, take a nap, or hang out with your friends for the weekend. Work hard, but relax and have fun.

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