The Value of Loneliness

By Amber N. Anderson

A couple weeks ago my friend sent me a seven-part series titled, ‘#Relationship Goals’, by Pastor Michael Todd at Transformation Church, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He taught what it truly means to have a healthy relationship, but what stood out to me was when he discussed the value of loneliness. If you have not seen this seven-part series, I highly encourage you to go watch it as soon as possible. 

In his sermon he made it very clear that singleness is important, you are single but not alone. Being single provides us with the perfect opportunity to experience self-growth and self-awareness. When you truly value you your alone time you begin to get to know yourself in ways you never knew before. 

At times we often jump into relationships because we feel obligated to be in one or we are tired of being alone. The reality is that sometimes we rush into relationships because we are sick of ourselves, therefore we believe that being together with someone else is going to make it better when in actuality it’s going to only make it worse. 

As young women and men in our teen years and early twenties, we should take this time to have an understanding of who we are as a person. During your alone time take yourself out on a date to the movies, spend more time with your friends, or even pick up on a new hobby. Take this time to enjoy yourself and figure out what makes you happy. 

Loneliness can be scary at times for all of us, but I guarantee you that it is worth it. It’s a journey of self-love that all individuals should take. You can’t love someone else before you love yourself. Value you your time alone and remember you are single, but not alone.

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