The Reality of High School Relationships

By Amber N. Anderson 

Growing up watching tv and movies, I’m sure every girl thought that when they got to high school they were going to find their Troy Bolton like in ‘High School Musical’ or maybe you thought you were going find your Dwyane like in ‘A Different World’. The reality is that we all aren’t so lucky to be like Gabriella or Whitley, but some of us are.  

Throughout my entire high school experience, I have been in relationships or in the “talking stage” with a boy. Until my senior year when I realized that it was okay to be alone and get to know myself. I was always in a relationship because I would tell my friends that is where I felt the most comfortable.  

I've always been the friend that was in relationships for about a year or two. These relationships would always end badly for me because I was emotionally attached and the boys weren't. I never took the time to breathe and get to know myself, but I was also able to find little pieces to my puzzle about myself in these relationships.  

Now, you may be the girl that is a hopeless romantic that finds her high school sweetheart or you may be the girl where relationships just aren't for you at the moment. Either way, you are responsible for finding out what works best for you.  

Now if you're the girl who is a hopeless romantic here are a few of the beautiful and heartbreaking realities of being in a high school relationship. When you first start dating or are in the “talking stage” with a boy, you are going to have butterflies, texting your girls in the group chat about how amazing he is, and I’m almost positive he is putting in extra work to show you how special you are. This will be happening for the first three months and I’m sure that your snapchat memories are filled with adorable pictures and videos of you two.   

Now the next couple of months, you're going to spend possibly arguing, texting your group chat about all the dumb actions he is doing but, later on you know you will make amends with him. Being in a relationship in high school can be a emotional rollercoaster , but also a fun and happy experience. A relationship requires maturity from both parties in order to work. The harsh reality is neither one of you are mature enough yet to figure out how a relationship really works because you're both still in the process of figuring yourselves out.  

Get into a relationship if you see the purpose that it will serve the both of you, a relationship with no purpose is a waste of both individuals time. Ladies, while you're in these relationships, keep in mind to not get too attached, remember you're still young so don't stress, and most importantly to love yourself. 

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