The Importance of Sisterhood

By Amber N. Anderson 

In today’s society sisterhood is often not as valued as it should be especially amongst Black women. This past weekend I hosted a Friendsgiving with a few of my closest friends. Anyone who knows me knows that I live my life by the saying, “I can count all my friends on my hands.” 

For those of you who are unaware, ‘Friendsgiving’ is a blend of friend and Thanksgiving, and it refers to a large meal eaten with friends either on or near Thanksgiving. 

Friendsgiving provided me with the opportunity to reflect on how sisterhood is not only important to me but plays an essential role in the lives of Black women and girls. My friends are my sisters, they aren’t my biological ones but the energy that we exchange has always made it feel that as if we were sisters from birth. 

They have wiped my tears for me when I cried, supported every business venture of mine, clapped for me when I was winning, and helped pick me back up when I was down. We often spend time parading around on social media saying that we don’t need friends or that we are better off alone. 

The reality is that we need each other believe it or not. I need you as much as you need me. Sisterhood and friendship are not about just posting cute pictures on social media, but it’s about being there for each other, supporting one another, giving love, and holding your sister accountable. 

Sisterhood and friendship should have a strong value in women’s lives, especially in the Black community. It’s important that we have someone to call and lean on. A sister should be someone that you can depend on and she should be able to depend on you. Sisters are the ones who are apart of our journey to leveling up, assisting us in any aspect they can, and cheering us on through the ups and downs. 

Although I know friendships can be tough for some of us, keep in mind that you don’t want to be alone and you don’t want anyone else to be alone. Have a sister and be a sister to someone. You never know how the two of you may change each other lives.

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