Teen Creates Nonprofit to Promote Healthy Living Among Her Peers

By Amber N. Anderson 

When Diva Hunt saw that people in her community were struggling with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, she decided to take action. In 2017 Hunt launched her non-profit Diva Fitness, an organization that focuses on health, wellness, and physical activity. 

One of Hunt's main goals is to help people overcome their internal struggles of self-acceptance. “One thing that I always remind people taking my classes is to be comfortable in their own skin. Diva Fitness isn’t about becoming skinny, Diva Fitness encourages people of all ages to be strong inside and out,” said Hunt. 

While attending college next fall, she plans on expanding Diva Fitness on to her college campus. Hunt says, she plans on hosting workout classes for students on her local campus as well as hopefully being able to assist with leading workouts for the various athletic teams at her college. 

“The goal that I have for Diva Fitness in the next one to two years, is to expand my services to others. I want to be able to provide my service to more young people,” said Hunt. 

While being a teen entrepreneur has its benefits it also comes with many obstacles. Diva experienced difficulty with figuring out how to promote herself, but as time went on she began to learn through experience and persevered. 

“I had to learn how to advertise, publicize my workout classes, and how to market what I was doing in a way that captured people’s attention,” said Hunt. 

Hunt wants to impact the lives of youth throughout the city of Chicago through her non-profit Diva Fitness, she wants the youth to be aware of the importance of health and wellness. 

“The impact that I want Diva Fitness to leave on youth and city of Chicago is that being fit and healthy is a right to every human being and not a privilege. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle,” said Hunt. 

This upcoming school year Hunt will be hosting, Diva Fitness’s Prom Boot Camp, Hunt is planning to start this camp in December and open it to all high school students. During winter break she will also be hosting pop-up workout classes. 

“I am very excited about this event because I get to help many boys and girls around my age live healthier lifestyles, while also having fun at the same time,” says Hunt. 

To stay updated on Diva Fitness and all their upcoming events, follow them on social media @divafitness16.

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