Teen Creates Cosmetics Line In Order to Give Back

By Amber N. Anderson                                                     

Seventeen-year-old entrepreneur, Imanii Uwake says her father is the inspiration behind her cosmetics line, ‘Quench Qosmetix’. Last September Imani’s father, spent a month in Rwanda located in South Africa, helping build a school and teaching students. While there, he met a young man named Egide Rugirangoga, who needed assistance with paying his way through school. 

Once she heard about Egide’s story, she was determined to help this young man pave his way through college. This was the birth of her cosmetics line, ‘Quench Qosmetix’. Uwake began creating lip gloss, chapstick, and t-shirts in order to raise money to go towards Egide college tuition. 

After three months of selling her products, she was able to raise over three hundred dollars to help put Egide through college.  Being able to give back helped with her growth as an individual. 

“It honestly made me grow as a person and helped me realize how doing a good deed is really effective.” 

“It made me feel like now I have to do more to make sure that people in other places have the resources they need to able to be successful.” 

She plans to continue using her cosmetics line to continue giving back internationally and locally to different people as well as organizations. 

Within the next year, Uwake has plans on expanding her business through networking, new branding tactics, and adding new products. 

“I plan on adding new products within the next year, we’re going to start selling coconut oil and shea butter.” 

She hopes that as she continues to grow her business more people will start to support Quench and assist as she continues to give back.




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    Great article. Keep up the awesome work Amber!

    Great article. Keep up the awesome work Amber!

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