Let Him Go

By Amber N. Anderson 

Ladies, I feel like we all have had that guy in our life that we simply for whatever reason can't let go of him. No matter what he does or how many times our friends tell us that he is just not the one. It’s just something about him that we like that we allow him to continuously keep coming back into our lives no matter what he does. 

I like to call this the "forever boy", the boy that you constantly go back and forth with, knowing that the two of you are wrong for each other, but despite the ups and downs you all stick it out. He sometimes may not even be your "forever boy", at times it may just be that you all are so physically attracted to each that you simply don't know how to let go of him. 

I have had the "forever boy" before, that I simply just could not let go regardless of the lies and mistreatment. It was just something about him that I liked, that made me want to keep him around.  It truly, in my opinion, was simply just a strong physical attraction that I had for this young man. 

We all deal with ups and downs in a relationship or situationship, but ladies when do we realize that there are too many "downs" and not enough "ups". It comes a time when we have to start choosing us and not him, we simply have to let him go. I know you're probably reading this thinking, "well, how do I know when it's time to let him go?" 

It's time to let him go when he causes more tears than smiles. When he lacks good communication and can't be truthful with you. If he is not adding value to the young woman that you are becoming then it’s time to let him go girl! 

Letting him go will not be the easiest for you, but you have to be willing to take the time to deal with your emotions in order to move on with your life and make improvements as a young woman. 

Often times, we lower our standards for people because we are told that they are too high and aren’t realistic. If he can’t get it right then trust me another young man will. If he does not bring you happiness and peace, then let him go.

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